Sunday, April 10, 2011

David Stolle for PISD Board

After the League of Women Voters forum on April 9, 2011, I decided to endorse David Stolle for the Plano ISD Board of Trustees, Place 5.

David's opponent said he was going to defer to the administration because they are professionals. David's opponent explained that he would not want the PISD administration to tell him how to run his law practice, so he is not going to tell the PISD administration how to conduct their business. This is exactly what is wrong with the Old Guard on the board of trustees.

By constantly rubber stamping the administration's decisions, the Old Guard has allowed the quality of Plano schools to slip. See the accompanying chart of last year's TAKS results. Plano has significantly more struggling schools than our neighbors: Allen, Richardson, and Frisco. Plano has significantly fewer Exemplary schools than our neighbors. Frisco and Allen are Exemplary districts while Plano is only a Recognized district.

The quality of Plano schools has slipped because the Old Guard forgot who they served. The Old Guard, by deferring to the administration, serves the administration instead of the community of Plano. The lack of oversight by the board has led to a continuing slip in the quality of our children's education.

The board of trustees does not have to tell the administration how to do their jobs, but the board must say no to the administration when a mistake is being made.

Please vote in the Plano ISD election. Early voting is May 2 - 10. Election Day is Saturday May 14. Please vote for David Stolle for Place 5.

Robert Canright

PS: Double click on the chart and you will see a larger version.

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