Sunday, March 7, 2010

Robert Canright Runs for PISD Board Because He Cares

Plano is a great city with great kids. I care about the kids in Plano, which is why I run for the school board, Place 1.

In Round Rock two years ago, after a great Plano Senior High football playoff game, I noticed a car full of teenagers that was not leaving the parking lot. I drove over, with my family, and asked if everything was okay. It turned out they had a flat tire.

The boys said they knew how to change a tire, but I parked the car and asked them to show me. Well, they were missing the crank they needed to jack their car up. I loaned them my crank, and then discovered they did not really know how to change a tire.

I changed their flat tire for them, told them their spare was low on air and they needed to get more air in the spare. I had my daughter get their phone number and check on them to make sure they made it safely to a gas station to get their tire inflated.

I love my children, but I care about all the children of Plano. I want all the children of Plano to get the best education we can provide them so they can live full and prosperous lives.

We do need to make changes in Plano to give our children the best education. I am willing to work to help make those changes just as surely as I am willing to change your child's car tire if needed, but I need your help. You need to vote for me on election day, and call and email your friends to get them to vote on Saturday, May 8.

Thank you,
Robert Canright

PS: I have voiced the opinion elsewhere that I believe continuing the Candy Cane Lawsuit is a waste of time and money, reflecting poorly on the district's reputation. I have caught some flack from some people because I have not gotten into the details of the case and voiced opinions on the details. There are a number of details. However, as seen by one comment, at least one good person has assumed that I have voiced an opinion on one of the details, but I have not.

There is some complexity to the legal issues and I will let the lawyers speak to the details. I simply question whether the Plano ISD should persist down this road.

Professional photography by Alisha Downs from Beyond Exposure

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TexasVet said...

I received your campaign email concerning early voting today. I have already voted for you.

I disagree with your position concerning sovereign immunity for elected officials. It is the responsibility of the community electorate to protect their officials from personal liability for decisions made in their official duties. Sovereign immunity applies to all political sides including yours. We agree about too much money being spent on frivolous lawsuits. Issues like the candy cane incident should be resolved before reaching this level but these resolutions are made impossible by the religious right and their party of No. Allowing Christians like the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, to promote their religious views in public schools, opens a very undesirable door.

The claim of Liberty Institute and Charles Bundren that officials “blatantly” disregarded students’ rights is about as frivolous as law suites come. Even if this accusation is true, blatant behavior does not rise to the level of loss of sovereign immunity. Additionally, no monitory “loss” was incurred by the plaintiffs. It is the duty of the district to defend district officials who are sued while performing their official duties in good faith. Finally, there was no “blatant” behavior involved in enforcing the years old rule.