Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the Resignation of Senator Bayh

Evan Bayh, a U.S. Senator from Indiana resigned recently. His exact words, from the New York Times, Sunday 2/21/10, are:

"Challenges of historic import threaten America's future. Action on the deficit, economy, energy, health care and much more is imperative, yet our legislative institutions fail to act. Congress must be reformed."

I've been saying for years that we need better leaders for a better future.

Senator Evan Bayh is the son of Senator Birch Bayh. He has been around this level of politics for a long time and has seen the Senate deteriorate. Now he's given up, and we need to heed the warning and take action.

We need to educate our children to become the generation of leaders America needs. The plan I call Texas Ascendant is a road map to build a stronger Texas so we can build a stronger America.

If anyone can turn America around, it will be Texans. And the turning point should start here in Plano.

Robert Canright

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