Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The American Dream

My view of the American dream is for my children to have a better life than mine. I would like every generation to have a better life than the one before.

I tutor my children because my education was better than the education they are getting in the Plano ISD. I would like all the children of Plano to have a better education, so I run for the school board with the intent of improving education.

I worry the future will be difficult. That's what I meant when I ran 3 years ago and said, "We must prepare our children for a future beyond our imagination." If it was a good future, I would not have had to run for office. I want my children to have a better life than I have had, but I worry that might not happen because all of our children might face a bleak future.

Our children need more than a better education for the challenges of tomorrow, they need a different type of education. Our school leadership is like a group of old generals trying to fight a new war with the old strategy from the last war.

We need a better strategy for the future. We need new blood on the school board. Vote for Canright to give your children hope for a brighter future.

Here is a nice article about the election by Heather Smith at the Plano Star Courier.

Robert Canright

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