Sunday, April 13, 2008

The PSAT Test and PISD

Staci Hupp wrote this nice article, "Some Students Getting a Boost in Crucial College Entance Test," in the Saturday 4/12/2008 Dallas Morning News.

The article describes how some school districts help their children prepare for the PSAT test in pursuit of National Merit Scholarships. It's always a good idea to help our kids and I'm glad Ms. Hupp wrote the article. All schools should at least inform their students that the PSAT can lead to a National Merit Scholarship.

Ms. Hupp wrote that some districts spend public money to purchase special tutoring for their children. Spending public money is not necessary, but communication with the parents and students is important.

It is commendable that PISD has a PSAT coaching program that is self-supporting, according to the article by Ms. Hupp.

The best approach in education is to aim for excellence from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade.

We should focus on what's important, and not focus exclusively on the TAKS test.

We should strive to excel in everything we do.


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