Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good Leaders are Ethical Leaders

When asked last year to explain my educational philosophy, one point I made was that "morality is the root of education."

If we want good leaders, we should expect and insist they be ethical leaders. I believe good ethics are a core competency for effective leadership.

I believe the Plano schools should take a short list of moral imperatives and stress them from kindergarten to 12th grade:
Don't steal
Don't cheat
Don't hurt

I think everyone can agree on this short list. If we expect tomorrow's leaders to be honorable, trustworthy people, then we need to give our children a firm foundation.

If a school principal needs to discipline children who might have stolen, or cheated, or hurt others, then the central administration should support the school staff.

If our children are trying to walk the straight and narrow, if they try to do the right thing, then they should perceive the Plano ISD as sharing their commitment to ethical behavior.

Let's work together to give our children the best possible future. Please vote for me for the PISD Board of Trustees in the May 10, 2008 election.


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