Friday, May 1, 2009

How Does One Vote in the School Board Election?

I believe the majority of the registered voters in Plano have never voted in a school board election. A question I hear often is, "does it matter where I live?" No, the election is at-large. This means that every year you get to vote in a school board election.

The election is always on a Saturday in the first half of May. The candidates file for election 60 days before the election, so by the middle of March you can fish around the PISD website to find the names of the candidates. The PISD Communications office is very well run and has the best website of any district around us.

Find the candidates names and look for their websites and blogs. Newspapers are a very poor way of staying informed.

What about early voting? Every year you can check, early April is good, with the Collin County Elections Department at their website:

You can find the early voting calendar and locations at their website.

Voter turn out in Plano is very poor. Last election there was a 4.5% turnout in Plano for the school board while Allen and Frisco had 10% turnouts. Notice that districts with better voter turnout are better managed.

Please vote every year!

Robert Canright

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