Saturday, May 9, 2009

Election Statement

Election Statement from Robert Canright, 2009 School Board Election.

Our newspapers help cover up the problems in the Plano school district, but those problems do not go away and do not get solved. I demonstrated that the Allen, Frisco, and Richardson school districts are better managed than PISD and provide a better education for the average student than PISD, but the citizens of Plano could not see that proof in most of their newspapers and the PISD censored the data from the taped broadcast of their candidates forum.

More and more parents are voting against the school board. In the year 2000, Susan Sarhady ran against Allan Bird. I received 75% more votes than Ms Sarhady did in 2000. There is a growing discontent in Plano with our school board.

Our curriculum problems continue to fester. Small numbers of perceptive parents continue to discover the truth about our problems, but they usually pull their children from PISD schools. Only 5% of Plano voters participated in the school board election. If the citizens ever learn the truth about our problems, I believe they will finally go vote and we can begin fixing our problems.

I will continue trying to fix the problems in PISD because I love Plano and do not want to give up on it.

We should applaud the local paper, My Crescent, because it was the only newspaper to publish an article about the true performance of the PISD.

My thanks to everyone who voted for me and worked to help my campaign!

Robert Canright

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