Wednesday, April 30, 2008


At the "Meet the Candidates" meeting at the Islamic Association of Collin County there was a question asked about education for those not planning to go to college. First, let me point out that the Plano senior high schools do offer "career" classes.

Mr. David Hall, running for Place 5 on the school board, mentioned that teaching the fundamentals of starting a business is an opportunity for improvement. I supported Mr. Hall's suggestion and said we need to emphasize to students that if they do not want to get a college education, they should plan to the the boss of their own business because uneducated workers are not going to be valued in the long run.

One of the men spoke with me after the meeting and told me a story they use in Morocco:

A teacher asks the children in his class what they want to be when they grow up. One says, "a truck driver." One says, "an engineer." Another says, "a construction worker." Then one child says, "I want to be free!"

"What to you mean," the teacher says? "You are not a slave, so how can you say you want to be free when you grow up?"

The boy says, "No one who works for another is free!"

Wow! That is great!

We do need to prepare our children to be free: financially free and politically free.

We do not want our children impoverished nor disenfranchised. We must educate our children to be free!

If we do not value our liberties we will lose them, financially as well as politically.

Vote for Robert Canright (Place 4) and I will work to safeguard your child's future!


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