Sunday, March 25, 2007

Elementary School Math is Important

Math skills build upon each other, year after year. Once a child falls behind in math during elementary school, that child can fall farther and farther behind. Go to the Texas Education Agency (T.E.A) website and look up the TAKS scores. You will see there are weak schools. You will see patterns of weak schools. Why worry about a weak elementary school math program? Look at the ratings and your will see weak elementary schools lead to weak middle schools, which lead to a weak high schools, which lead to a weak senior high. Yes, one of our senior high schools is not doing well.

I am going to be focusing on third grade math, but first and second grade are also weak. Third grade is where a significant gap occurs in math skills. If a child falls behind in third grade and cannot catch up during 4th and 5th, that child will have trouble in middle school because the math program takes a step up in middle school. It is too late to catch up in middle school and high school compounds the problem. I'll say more later.

Go here, click on "District Name", type in "Plano", click on continue and see how many of our schools are only acceptable.

More later.


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